Validate HVAC and filtration systems for aerosol transmission risk with veriDART™

Introducing the only liquid aerosol-based solution for verifying air ventilation and filtration to protect occupational health during the pandemic and beyond. At the cutting edge of building science, health science, and data science systems, the veriDART by SafeTraces  provides actionable insights for EHS teams to improve safe airflow in the built environment.

When scientists confirmed that aerosol spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in indoor air presents a significant risk to occupants, SGS Galson provided an RT-qPCR method to monitor the virus in air. One unresolved issue in the built environment, however, was verifying whether engineering and HVAC controls were effectively reducing airborne virus indoors.


SafeTraces_veriDART_Teaming with SafeTraces, a leader and innovator in DNA-enabled diagnostic solutions, SGS Galson, now has available a patent pending kit-sampling solution developed by SafeTraces, the  veriDART, which verifies HVAC and filter systems for aerosol transmission risk. SGS Galson’s reputation for analytical excellence and our renowned FreePumpLoan™ program create a powerful combination with veriDART at identifying SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the built environment. You will obtain the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective analysis to reduce airborne viral accumulation indoors.

The veriDART leverages customized test plans that address customers’ assessment needs, including survey tests, dilution ventilation tests, and filtration tests. The kit includes SafeTraces’ innovative aerosol spray. This liquid aerosol-based solution uses DNA tracers to safely mimic the composition and mobility of viral aerosol to measure the effectiveness of ventilation and filtration for aerosol contaminants.



  • Dilution Ventilation Test
    • Verify time/HVAC settings for aerosol dilution under multiple scenarios
    • Informs decisions on ventilation, filtration, and airborne interventions
  • Filtration Test
    • Verify filtration efficacy at different MERV/HEPA levels
    • Audits existing systems and informs enhancement decisions
  • Survey Test
    • Verify aerosol mobility and airflow patterns across building/floor
    • Identifies hotspots and informs remediations with empirical data


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Our kit delivers the data needed to protect occupational safety and health:

  • Mitigates occupational health and safety risk
  • Maintains workforce productivity
  • Optimizes the value of capital expenditures
  • Validates and verifies efficacy of remediations undertaken
  • Instills occupant/employee trust and confidence in building safety

Every indication is that the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be a continuing challenge and the veriDART by SafeTraces combined with SGS Galson analytical expertise and our FreePumpLoan offering is a frontline innovation to provide data to minimize its effect in the built environment.

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