MSHA 30 CFR Testing

Everything you need to comply with MSHA’s 30 CFR self-monitoring requirements in a cost-effective kit.

If you operate quarries, gravel and aggregate pits, or mines, ease your mind about your next MSHA inspection by collecting your samples in an easy and cost-effective way. In 2010, the Mine Health and Safety Administration (MSHA) published a Procedure Instruction Letter that guides inspectors in determining if operators are conducting dust and silica surveys as required by 30 CFR 56.5002 and noise surveys by 30 CFR 62.110. Operators need to demonstrate they have met the directive and that’s where we can help.

MSHA Self-Compliance Kit

We offer the best solution to MSHA requirements for dust and silica surveys spelled out in 30 CFR 56.5002. Our low-cost MSHA Self-Compliance Kit is designed using MSHA’s standards in 30 CFR 56.5002 and 30 CFR 62.110 and provides dust and silica monitoring as well as noise monitoring (as required in 30 CFR 62.110) to cover all your self-compliance reporting requirements.

Our MSHA Self-Compliance Kit provides you a low-cost solution for all your reporting requirements. Standard analysis and equipment include:

  • Dust
  • Silica

Our staff of air monitoring professionals will additionally work with you to review all your potential exposures and customize your kit for any additional contaminants of concern such as:

  • Noise
  • Metals
  • Chemicals
  • Vibration
  • Heat Stress

Why SGS?

How can you be sure to be in MSHA compliance? We have delivered precise, defensible data for over five decades to keep workers healthy and safe. Our MSHA Self-Compliance Kits are easy to use and offer value-added strategies to make your self-compliance monitoring easy.

  • Sturdy kit case for easy transport
  • Shipping via 2nd day service to and from your location (within the U.S.) with pre-printed return labels
  • Pre-printed chain of custody, instructions including kit pictures and a video
  • Certified intrinsically safe instruments
  • Online sampling instructions available
  • All-inclusive lab report in the MSHA format with easy reference to the “severity factor” of any exposure
  • Downloadable noise dosimeter data


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