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Non-intrusive configurable exposure tests in one vest

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Personal Exposure vest™

Non-intrusive configurable exposure tests in one vest. Patent pending, this new industrial hygiene sampling vest allows workers to wear monitoring equipment more comfortably and safely than ever before.

Discover the future of wearable Personal Exposure sampling & Monitoring

Patent pending, this new industrial hygiene sampling vest allows workers to wear monitoring equipment more comfortably and safely than ever before. An integrated channel system is located throughout the vest to hold the tubing and wires of monitoring equipment in place with all media directly in the breathing zone. These channels help to eliminate any chance of tubing snagging or kinking while ensuring that monitoring equipment is in the same position for every individual, every time – eliminating the chance of error as a result of incorrect placement or differences in placement among the sample population.

The vest design allows up to six sampling pumps and monitors to be placed in snap-on pockets that can be relocated to the back, sides and/or front positions. You no longer have to hold your equipment together with duct tape, belts or articles of clothing; guaranteeing improved safety and accuracy. The vest is ergonomically designed for comfort with an even distribution of weight.


We’ve made the vest from a 100% breathable polyester mesh and treated it with a self-extinguishing coating. The vest is ANSI Class 2 compliant.


Vests come in one size that fits all.


Pockets are sold separately at $12.50 each and are form fitted to various equipment/ instrument types. Pockets snap into place and may be located in any of six positions around the vest.

  • Pocket A – GilAir3 & GilAir5  (4’’ tall x 4.5’’ wide x 2’’ deep)
  • Pocket B – AirChek52 & NoisePro  (5.25’’ tall x 3.5’’ wide x 2’’ deep)
  • Pocket C – TSI SidePak  (5.5’’ tall x 3.75’’ wide x 2.75’’ deep)
  • Pocket D – PCX-R  (5.5’’ tall x 5.5’’ wide x 2’’ deep)
  • Pocket E – MultiRAE  (3.5’’ tall x 5.25’’ wide x 3’’ deep)

You have the ability to choose how you want your vest: you can purchase the PEV™ on its own and configure it with your own equipment or use the PEV™ through our FreePumpLoan™ program. Purchases can be made online or through our Client Service Center at 888-432-5227. In order to place an order for your vest, you must have an account number with Galson. If you do not currently have one, simply set one up on our new client page here.


By utilizing our FreePumpLoanTM with your order; you’d receive your vest pre-populated and ready-to-go with very little assembly required. Delivered in a single convenient package, your vest would come with the pumps, exact tubing sizes, badges and monitoring equipment necessary to complete your sampling event. Contact us and let us know what you’re sampling for, we’ll send you your vest with everything you need to collect your sample(s). When you’re done, you send the vest back and we’ll provide the data. Nominal usage fees will be applied.


  •     $20/day      $30/week     $80/month

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*No Charge for pockets