Free Sampling Badges™

Free Sampling Badges

Sampling for VOCs, EtO, and Butadiene?

SGS Galson’s Free Sampling Badges™ Program Combines Quality and Cost Savings

At refineries and petrochemical facilities throughout North America and in other industries where volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ethylene oxide (EtO), butadiene and other chemicals are prevalent in the air, having the most experienced laboratory professionals and best passive monitoring technology is your key to quality analysis.

SGS Galson provides the highest quality solution for industrial hygienists who need accurate, defensible data, and our record speaks for itself.

The best in passive monitoring

In 2014, SGS Galson successfully switched from the 3M 3500 passive badge series to Assay Technology badges and with over 130,000 analyses done to date, IH professionals know this is data they can stand behind. As shown here, Assay Technology badges perform as well and often better than 3M badges.

3M has stopped making its 3500 and 3520 for VOCs and 3551 for EtO passive badges and now offers a private-labeled version of the badges SGS Galson switched to over six years ago. So now you can get the highest quality substitute for your 3M passive badge program from SGS Galson with our one-of-a-kind, money-saving program.

SGS Galson’s Free Sampling Badge Program is the Obvious Choice

Superior, defensible data may be all you need in a laboratory and passive badge choice BUT why pay for sampling badges when you can get your badges at no cost from SGS Galson and save significant cost. With our Free Sampling Badges program, Assay badges are FREE if those samples are returned to SGS Galson for analysis. All you pay for is the analysis; we even ship to you at no charge via UPS ground and we guarantee your specified turnaround time, or you do not pay for the badge or the analysis.

Look at the many advantages of our Free Sampling Badges program and passive monitoring badges:

  • All Assay badges are FREE when SGS Galson performs the analysis (see our Media Fee Schedule)
  • FREE shipping to you (UPS ground)
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Reduces your return shipping costs 60-70%
  • Simpler to open and package than the 3M 3500
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA accuracy and precision criteria with validation on 90% of most common compounds
  • Come in a variety of sampling rates
  • Have a 0% failure rate
  • Made by the leading badge maker, Assay Technology
  • No disassembly required after sampling

Order today

Get the accuracy you need in air sampling with SGS Galson’s Free Sampling Badges program using unassailable Assay badge technology and save money. To sign-up, please:

  1. Complete our online Rental, Pump Loan, Free Badge Agreement.
  2. Make sure you check off all the programs that you wish to participate in.
  3. Then contact our award-winning client service representatives (contact information below) and we’ll ship you fully serviced air sampling pumps, media, and a pump calibrator all in one convenient package.
  4. Collect your samples, send them to us, and we’ll analyze them at our agreed upon fee schedule prices.