Sampling & Analysis


Gas detector tubes measure concentrations of different gases in different environments. It utilizes a chemical reaction to the substances measured with a special reagent filled in a thin glass tube. When air containing the substance to be detected passed through the gas detector tube, the reagent would change its color.

The gas detector tube method permits a simple, quick and economical analysis at the work site. Today, this technology has been widely applied to measure concentrations of a huge variety of substances, with great improvements in measurement accuracy and reagent stability that contributes to the prolonged shelf life of gas detector tubes, and the means of concentration reading.

Gas detector tubes are thin glass tubes with calibration scales printed by which you can directly read concentrations of the substances (gases and vapors) to be measured. Each tube contains detection reagent(s) that are especially sensitive to the target substance and quickly produces a distinct layer of colour change. The tubes are hermetically sealed.

In order to use the tube, break off both ends and connect the gas detector tube to the gas-sampling pump with the directional arrow pointing toward the pump.

Galson offers gas detector tube products from Dräger and Gastec. We typically supply the gas detector pump along with the tubes but if you already have the required pump, the attached will assist you in determining what gas detector tube or tubes you require.