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For Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), fenceline and other monitoring situations, SmartSense test anytime, from anywhere in the world, even in harsh environments. By networking smart devices to enable data collection and exchange, we’ve introduced our Internet of Things (IoT) to the industrial hygiene industry. With the SmartSense cloud-based monitoring and sampling initiation system, direct read capabilities include Total Particulate, PID, CO, CO2, SO2, O3, EtO, CH4 and more. Additionally, active sampling capabilities include silica, VOCs, metals, and more! SmartSense simplifies collecting exposure data 24/7 for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), wildfires, and task monitoring.

Why use SmartSense from SGS?

Easy to install, connecting automatically to our web platform with instant data capabilities, SmartSense includes access to online air quality profiles, downloads, warnings and reports. This web-based real-time graphic field sampling system produces immediate response to capture events. It comes complete with an all-in-one multi-parameter monitor and produces ongoing quality monitoring data simply, and affordably. Every SmartSense comes standard with Temperature, Relative Humidity and Barometric Pressure plus up to 5 additional sensors and the ability to add Noise, Particle, Wind and Sample Capture. Adding the optional SGS SmartSampler to your order lets you easily capture validation samples for laboratory analysis. SmartSense is a great tool for Indoor Air Quality, Fenceline Monitoring, Outdoor Reference, and Construction Perimeter Monitoring.

SmartSense also includes Live View, an intuitive, SQL-compliant web-based relational database application. Designed for environmental professionals and managers, Live View allows you to assess and manage streaming real-time environmental conditions analytical data at one or more sites. This Live View of your data comes with drill-down features so you can see exactly what’s going on at each sensor, location, or region. Easily get air quality profiles, downloads, warnings, and reports. It can remotely or automatically use pre-set triggering concentrations, actuate switches that control sampling pumps, whole air solenoid valves and other electrical devices. And you can manage it all from any connected computer!

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