Mold & Fungal Analysis

Mold & Fungal Analysis
Yields Defensible Data, Peace-of Mind

Mold contamination analysis safeguards building occupants’ health while also presenting the possible risk of controversy and ensuing legal action. With decades of experience and defensible results, SGS offers skilled mold analysis services that focus on quality, data integrity and client service, protecting all involved parties and providing peace-of-mind.

Our microbiologists are highly skilled at analyzing viable and non-viable mold samples, assessing a variety of sample matrices, and providing detailed reports on fungal identification to a species level with traditional microbiological, as well as quantitative real-time PCR, methods.


SGS helps you by:

  • Selecting and applying appropriate media and sampling equipment
  • Delivering quality results with rapid turnaround times
  • Providing legally defensible data
  • Obtaining litigation support services, if required
  • Assisting in laboratory data interpretation

Various types of sampling media and equipment are available for professionals working on Indoor Air Quality and mold projects, including air sampling cassettes, culture media, tape lift kits, and samplers. Our team also provides media and equipment consultation to make your mold investigation or remediation project highly effective, whether it is an initial survey, ongoing monitoring, or mitigation.

Non-viable samples are analyzed with one-day turnaround with faster turnaround available on request. Viable samples are analyzed in 7-14 days.


Common types of samples for analysis include:

  • Viable air samples
  • Viable bulk samples
  • Viable surface contact/gravity plates
  • Non-viable air samples
  • Non-viable bulk samples

SGS provides you a comprehensive solution for all your microbiological testing.


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Mold & Fungal Analysis
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