SGS LiveView

LiveView with SmartSense:
The Vision of Data

With SGS LiveView, you assess and manage real-time environmental conditions and analytical data using SmartSense cloud-based, remote continuous monitoring.

SGS LiveView is an intuitive, web based relational database application, included with SmartSense, where you view your data to see exactly what’s going on at each sensor, location or region.  LiveView has the unique capability to efficiently manage up to four levels of analytical data quality to obtain the most reliable data. SmartSense collects exposure data 24/7 for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), wildfires, perimeter and task monitoring, and other monitoring situations, and LiveView provides a multidimensional enhancement making data accessible and life-like. 

SGS LiveView’s Compatibility With SmartSense Gives You The Ability to View/Download Your Data From Any Connected Device, Anywhere in The World

Our LiveView can help you:

  • Sensor data point readings every minute, make smart actionable decisions based on the SmartSense data
  • See exactly what’s going on at each sensor, location or region
  • Easily get air quality profiles, downloads, warnings and reports
  • Remotely or automatically use pre-set triggering concentrations, actuate switches that control sampling pumps, whole air solenoid valves and other electrical devices

And you can manage it all from any connected computer. 

LiveView is the best fit for your application if you:

  • Need a single location for real time and collected environmental data
  • Want a single view of environmental status of multiple locations and monitors
  • Access public environmental data in conjunction with your own private data (comparative analysis)
  • Look at manually recording or datalogging multiple devices in multiple locations for extended time cv (savings can be extreme)
  • Want quality checks applied to data to ensure accuracy and validity or sensor failure
  • Desire the largest third-party certification and testing company in the world on your team

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SGS LiveView Provides:

  • Text and email alerts for data set point exceedances
  • Faster application deployment and trouble-free upgrades
  • Access from anywhere, anytime with just an internet connection
  • Enhanced security and redundancy
  • Best of all, SGS LiveView can be run from virtually any operating system platform (i.e., Android, Windows, Macintosh, Unix, etc.) and keep all of your critical environmental data literally a “click” away

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