Sampling and Analysis

Free Air Sampling Pumps with our FreePumpLoan™ Program

With the SGS Galson renowned FreePumpLoan™ program, we provide free air sampling pumps, sampling media and all accessories when Galson performs the laboratory analysis. Whenever you have to conduct air sampling, you can get everything you need faster with one simple phone call to SGS Galson. You just pay shipping. (Customers outside the US and its territories also pay any applicable duties or taxes on shipments.) So it’s not only more convenient than ever before, it’s also less expensive. In fact, with one-stop shopping like this, backed by our AIHA-accredited laboratory’s 35 years of industrial hygiene analyses nationwide, we think we’ve made air sampling virtually hassle free.

How Does It Work?

You contact us, we send everything you need, you collect your sample(s), you send it all back, and we provide the accurate and timely data you need.

What’s Included?

Pumps (as many as you need, all fully charged and pre-calibrated), tubing, sample media, sample media holders, chargers, instructions, cyclones, splitters, low flow regulators, tube breaker, tool kit, chain of custody form and calibrated field rotameter, all packed in a sturdy carrying case.

How To Order…

To sign-up for this program, please fill out our online Rental, Pump Loan, Free Badge Agreement . Please make sure you check off any of the programs that you wish to participate in. Then contact our client service representatives at (888) 432-LABS (5227) and we’ll ship you fully serviced air sampling pumps, media and a pump calibrator all in one convenient package. Then, collect your samples, send them to us, and we’ll analyze them at our agreed upon fee schedule prices.