Specialized Asbestos Sampling & Analysis

The addition of Built Environment Laboratories, with more than 30 years performing asbestos analysis in the built environment, positions SGS as the premier provider of these services. Download SGS Asbestos Testing Fact Sheet (PDF)

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Whether you are testing asbestos in air, water, building materials, soil/rock, settled dust or attic vermiculite, we have a comprehensive array of tests and analytical methods to meet your needs. We also provide Rotameter Calibration (PCM) for asbestos air sampling applications as outlined in the OSHA TECHNICAL MANUAL – SECTION II: CHAPTER 1.

Asbestos Services and Ordering Guide

Below you will find our list of 27 (and growing) specialized asbestos tests that we run in our world-class lab. The list is organized by matrix and method to make it easy to navigate. Simply let us know how many samples you need for each method your project requires and we will get an accurate quote to you within 24 hours or less.