Sampling & Analysis

Chain of Custody

It is important to be able to trace samples from collection to data reporting so that the utmost confidence can be placed in the analytical results. A chain-of-custody form is a mechanism for tracing the lineage of a sample from the time of collection through reporting of results to sample disposal.

The sampler initiates the chain of custody. As samples are passed from individual to individual, the transfers are noted. This process continues until the samples are delivered to the laboratory where the chain of custody form is signed, evidencing the date and time of sample receipt. The original chain of custody form is returned to the client with the analytical report, and a copy is retained with the project file by SGS Galson.

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We introduce to you, The Online Chain of Custody, a full-featured web application designed with you in mind. Easily create, edit, copy, or delete digital COCs and access them 24/7 via your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We are offering 100% free webinars so that you and your colleagues can easily take the next step to greater efficiency.

We also offer you the option to get a free prepopulated COC with every media order. The prepopulated COC will automatically be added to your online account and have 80% of the information filled in based on the details of your order. If you still prefer a paper copy then have no worries because our Online COC enables you to export a PDF of your COC so you can download, print, and store them at your leisure.

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When a client places an order with our client service representatives, our system takes the order’s data to prepopulate an online COC with as much information as possible, saving you time and tedious tasks. Then simply log in and fill out any missing information on the prepopulated COC and submit. Provided free of charge to clients.

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You have 24/7 access to your Final Reports, EDDs, COCs, and Data Packages dating back to 2007.

On the Reports screen in the Client Portal, you will see a new column labeled “Inv.” You can view, download and save all invoices dating back to 2007.


We have created an instructional video that provides step-by-step instructions for filling out our online Chain of Custody form. This short video outlines everything you’ll need to complete your online COC – ensuring all required information is recorded correctly from logging in to finalizing.