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Maybe even more today because of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and organizations want to make sure their buildings or other spaces provide an environment that is conducive to both mental and physical health. For decades, SGS has developed solutions contributing to healthy indoor spaces and that is why we have joined a global movement to transform health and well-being inside buildings, organizations, and communities.

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)’s WELL Building Standard (WELL) is “a roadmap for creating and certifying spaces that advance human health and well-being.” Projects pursuing WELL v2 Certification can earn points based on performance outcomes for various policy, design, and operational strategies. Now building owners can also achieve a Performance Rating and/or Health-Safety Rating at a much lower cost than Certification and the rating parameters can be applied to obtaining a WELL v2 Certification in the future. WELL’s new Performance Rating System measures building performance strategies that are verified through onsite testing and sensor technology. The WELL Health-Safety Rating helps buildings and organizations address the health, safety and well-being of their people.

SGS is highly qualified to perform a variety of analyses that are staples of WELL v2 Certification.  Additionally, SGS was recently designated a global WELL Enterprise Provider (EP). The EP designation for SGS is very significant as it will give those navigating WELL’s Performance Rating system a dependable, high quality and expeditious way to move through the process.

WELL Health-Safety

SGS supports the following WELL Health-Safety themes and features:


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