Healthy Buildings Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Planning

Making Your Buildings Healthy to Reoccupy

As we get back to our offices after a tough year dealing with COVID-19, the reality is we’re still dealing with COVID-19. Assurance that we’re working in a healthy building will bring peace-of-mind and desired productivity. SGS SocialSense (in pilot phase) is a unique Internet of Things (IoT) social distancing and contract tracing program. It is part of the SGS comprehensive monitoring services that track all aspects of a building to have a healthy reopening and to stay open.


  • Personal interactions
  • Social distancing
  • Occupancy criteria
  • Movement patterns
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

SGS SocialSense IoT-Enabled Digital Solution

The SGS Competence Center, partnering with Swisscom and Microsoft, has capabilities to provide the IoT digital solution to:

  • Crowding in building spaces
  • Social distancing
  • Contact tracing

SGS SocialSense digital solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and LoWaRon, a proprietary low-power wide-area network modulation technique. Various devices are used to monitor employees distancing, activity in monitored rooms, and contact tracing. The result is assurance that these key factors in the spread of COVID-19 are observed, recorded, and controlled, with a goal of maintaining a healthy building.

Choose Number One to Meet Your Healthy Building Needs

SGS Galson, the world leader in industrial hygiene and monitoring solutions, is helping clients throughout North America develop healthy buildings strategies and plans to re-occupy their spaces, and develop ongoing monitoring and validation plans with a focus on infection prevention, offering:

  • A one-stop for all your healthy building needs including:
    • Portable or continuous area instruments for IAQ analysis
    • Airborne SARS CoV-2 sampling and analysis
    • COVID-19 surface cleanliness testing, passive or active sampling of disinfectants
  • Persistent innovation resulting in, for example, the unsurpassed SmartSense continuous monitoring system
  • Client-focused professionals including experienced scientists and an award-winning client service team

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