I have some free advice. For those of you who are not yet reaping the benefits of SGS Galson’s free programs, do it soon. After all, so much you’re offered is absolutely free, including:

And there’s more!  We’re shipping local to save you even more money! This includes Galson Hygiene Rental, hygiene, health and safety equipment rental program, where return shipment labels are provided for free return shipping as well! The FreePumpLoan program is now shipping out of Houston saving you money on the local shipments while using our pre-calibrated pumps and all the supplies to take a sample for free! It’s like having your own technicians available to you instantly and locally!

You can contact our award-winning Client Service Representatives toll-free at (888) 432-5227, or visit, where you can chat in real time on your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone. And with our new IHLive Text feature, you can immediately connect by text at our same toll-free number!

We’ll even send you a free gift for your time – just use the code ‘SetYouFree-2’ when you call, text or chat, or go to and enter it there.

So, when you have some FREE time, check out how our new SGS Galson Houston Service Center will save you time and money. It will be worthwhile.

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