SGS Galson’s FreePumpLoan™ program puts quality air sampling pumps at your disposal easily, quickly and, of course, free. To optimize the experience, we provide instructions with each pump and have an excellent client service team available 24/7/365 to help resolve any problems. If you are using the pumps, no doubt, you are technically savvy; and because time is money, we thought it would be useful to provide a reminder of the most common problems that can be easily diagnosed and fixed by you in the field on the GilAIr and AirCheck 52 pumps.

If you experience a fault while sampling and the pump shuts itself off, denote the time the pump has run from the LCD, found  on the side of GilAir pump or top of the AirCheck 2 pump. Address the fault cause with the troubleshooting instructions below and restart sampling.

The Aircheck 52 and GilAir have some common troubleshooting issues, and some are different, which we indicate below. For both air pumps, two basic faults can occur:

●     Air flow being restricted or cut off. The AirCheck 52 will show a broken arrow on the LCD display next to the timer indicating a flow fault.
●     An insufficiently charged battery.

When troubleshooting a flow fault, look for these issues, with reasonably easy fixes:

1.    When you encounter kinked or restricted tubing, re-route tubing to ensure unrestricted flow. Using an SGS Galson Personal Exposure Vest with built in tubing channels can eliminate this issue completely!

2.    When your pump inlet filter is clogged or dirty, the filter can be cleaned manually with tap water. If a new filter is needed:

  • On the Aircheck 52 pump, replace the filter with the spare filter provided in your pack.
  • On the GilAir pump, return to SGS Galson for service.

3.    When the pump hose connector is loose on the AirCheck 52 — the hose connector may occasionally loosen in transit — make sure that the hose connector is hand tight.

4.    When the hose connector gasket is worn or missing or the hose connector is cracked or broken — the SKC hose connector will occasionally break or become cracked if handled roughly during shipping — check the hose connector and replace the pump hose connector and gasket with the spare ones provided in your pack, if necessary.

5.    When media is overloaded, replace the media. If additional media is not available it is best to end the sampling with the air volume collected or contact SGS Galson for additional media.

Battery fault

On the Aircheck 52 pump a battery with empty cells displayed next to the timer indicates a battery fault.

●     When the battery is low:

  • You may have animproperly charged battery. If so, re-charge the battery.
  • You may have a loose connection between the pump and battery. If the pump stops when the battery is moved, remove the battery by unscrewing the two screws on the bottom of the pump. Depress the two détentes on the side of the battery and remove the battery. Reattach the battery and tighten the screws on the bottom again, then turn the pump on.

On the Gilair pump, if the battery is insufficiently charged, simply recharge the battery.

If the pump still will not start, please contact SGS Galson at 1-888-432-5227 or IH Chat live online with a client service representative.  You can save yourself time and money by knowing these quick fixes, so keep this blog on hand and look for the instructions that come with the pump. And please let us know if you have questions or are experiencing other issues when using SGS Galson pumps.  We’re always available to help with a 24/7 on call service representative – at (315) 569-9027.

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