Awesome news for one of our team is also great news for the IH world.

In early March, SGS Galson Laboratories Business Development Manager Bill Walsh received the Harriotte A. Hurley award, given annually to an AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Program volunteer who serves on the AIHA Analytical Accreditation Board (AAB). Bill accepted the award at the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Program’s annual meeting.

The AAB through the Laboratory Quality Assurance Program (LQAP) works to establish high standards for laboratories and analysts. The outcome of these standards is high quality data used in evaluating exposures that affect the environment, natural resources and public health.  Bill has long been involved in the program and was recognized for “going above and beyond this past year, making major contributions at conferences and receptions, as well as providing outstanding service as an AAB member.“

A prestigious award

Bill, who actually knew and worked with Harriotte Hurley, is a guy who gives his all in everything he does, and his involvement in AAB gives accreditation, and therefore, the IH world, impeccable credibility. Over the past year, Bill made major contributions by presenting testimony at the March 2014 OSHA hearings on silica. He also delivered remarks at the 2014 AIHA Fall Conference to commemorate AIHA-LAP’s 40thanniversary, and hosted the awards reception held for labs accredited for 40 years at that same conference. Bill also served on the volunteer appointment committee that screened and selected applicants applying for volunteer positions in AIHA-LAP. His presence always brings a high energy level and innovative thinking to whatever he is involved in.

“Bill always makes himself available to work with staff on regulatory, policy and technical matters when they arise and because of his outstanding service over the past year as an AAB member, we honor him with this award,”AIHA’s Managing Director, Cheryl Morton said.

Passion, helpfulness, expertise and professionalism accurately describe Bill’s approach and are the reasons why our clients appreciate working with him and he has gained so much respect in the IH world.

Congratulations Bill, on this well-deserved award!

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