As scientists, of course, we look at all challenges as puzzles just waiting to be solved. Often, the only reason a puzzle can’t be solved is if a piece is missing. When it comes to EPA 325 VOC analysis, SGS Galson has all the pieces in place to meet your fenceline monitoring requirements.

First, allow me to review EPA 325 and the required method. EPA 325 evaluates overall emissions from refineries, determining benzene and other VOCs. Refineries in the US must continuously monitor emissions within facilities and around perimeters, so this method complies with US federal regulations. Passive sampling monitoring was enacted by the EPA based on its ability to detect benzene at lower levels than current real-time monitoring methods.

Passive monitoring methods offer several technical and practical benefits, including low detection limits, high accuracy and precision, results that are time integrated over a number of days, no requirement for sampling pumps, ease of use, and significant cost savings.

SGS Galson provides the best in electronic data delivery through extensive lab information management systems that ensure accuracy, quality control, and client satisfaction. Many of these services are industry innovations and we are always adding more.

While benzene is the primary target compound, the sampling and analysis methodology can also be used to determine other VOCs, including butadiene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylenes and other hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

No missing pieces on this puzzle. We’ve identified the nine ways SGS Galson will help meet your monitoring needs:

  1. Quality Assurance – QA has a role in everything we do.
  2. Complete VOC Solutions – The largest array of equipment for all VOC testing needs.
  3. Online Data Management – Finest analytical tools to determine source of emissions.
  4. Sampling Systems – User-friendly with complete field sampling kits available.
  5. Accreditations – Certified by numerous state and federal programs.
  6. Competitive Value – Pricing that includes a full suite of value-added services.
  7. Real-Time Technical Support – Experienced lab professionals and valued CIHs.
  8. Regulatory Compliance – Technical expertise to assist with regulations, updates and revisions.
  9. Customized Data Delivery – Direct data download and electronic data delivery fitting various formats.

The bottom line is we have your back in every way in complying with EPA 325 and solving your fenceline monitoring puzzle.

If you have questions, you can reply to this blog, contact one of our award-winning Client Services Representatives at (888) 432-5227 or or chat in real time on your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone at We look forward to hearing from you!

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