As my home state Texas recovers from Hurricane Harvey, both residential and commercial buildings are faced with extensive water damage and the threat of mold infiltration.  SGS Galson has been conducting mold analysis throughout the world for 47 years and is globally certified.  Now, we are certified by Texas Health and Human Services certification for mold analysis in Texas, and we are ready to provide our high-quality services to you.

This means you now have a local resource with global backing to obtain defensible mold data during your recovery activities, and with an SGS laboratory and service center in Houston, you’ll get the local service you can be most comfortable and confident with.

If you haven’t worked with us before, in addition to mold analysis, SGS Galson services include air quality monitoring and air quality testing for aldehydes, VOCs and the full range of industrial hygiene analysis.

SGS Accutest, also in the SGS EHS USA family of companies, complements SGS Galson’s services by providing full-service environmental analysis on water, air and soil and has a local full-service environmental laboratory in Houston. All these analyses SGS Accutest provides, will help with your clean-up, disposal and clearance of properties needed in recovery efforts.

Your advantages with SGS Galson and SGS Accutest include:

  • Local service
  • Rapid turnaround time on reports
  • Wide range of tests available from one source
  • Defensible data that will hold up in court
  • Highly accredited laboratories
  • Quality results on time

You should really give us a try and I’m sure you’ll find, with our emergency response capabilities, fast turnaround times, and sample pickup services, why SGS Galson is the number one IH testing and monitoring solutions company in the world. And we’re on call 24/7 at 315-569-9027 so you can contact us any time.

Please contact the Houston Client Service Center by phone or text with questions or to place an order at (888) 432-5227. And, of course, you can also contact me any time at (281) 639-3652 or

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