There are many studies concerning worker safety and a lot of statistics breaking down all aspects of it.  Most statistics on workplace safety tally fatalities vs. non-fatalities or are broken down further into OSHA recordable incidents vs. non-recordable incidents.  Companies keep track of lost time and money due to workplace incidents of all types.

While workplace injuries do cost companies and impact workers and their families, SGS realizes that companies and employees are impacted by incidents that happen outside the workplace too.  Recognizing this, SGS and its employees have committed to following “The Rules for Life”; rules that are applicable to all parts of one’s life, both inside and outside the workplace.  The Rules for Life are 15 rules that, when followed, should help keep workers, their families and our company safe and productive.On September 16, nearly 100 SGS-Galson employees took part in the global 2015 SGS Safety Day, “Hands on Health and Safety”.  In our East Syracuse NY location, employees from Syracuse and several other SGS-Galson locations around the US, gathered together in person and via webcast for a presentation on Safety. Employees also participated in discussions of case studies designed to raise awareness of safe behaviors.  Afterwards, each employee re-dedicated themselves to being safe in the workplace as well as in their everyday lives and being watchful and helping their fellow workmates do the same.

By tracing their hands and adding their signatures to several Safety Day banners, each employee vowed to make safety a top-most priority in their lives by following the Rules for Life inside and outside the workplace.  The banners now hang in our East Syracuse location as a constant reminder of our commitment to “Keeping our People Safe, Always”, for ourselves, for our families, for our company and for our clients.

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