Does a compansafety dayy whose team spends its every waking moment helping workers worldwide stay safe and healthy need to take the time to make sure its workers stay safe and healthy? You bet!

On September 22, we at SGS Galson took time to celebrate “Safety Day 2016” by gathering our entire team the new-fashioned way – electronically – in a live webinar titled “Assess Your Risk, Take Control”. We acknowledged that whether we’re performing analyses in the lab, preparing shipments for our FreePumpLoan and Galson Hygiene Rental programs, doing office work or even working at home, hazards are all around us.

By proactively identifying these hazards and understanding their risk levels, we have a better opportunity to mitigate or eliminate those risks. To sharpen our hazard identification skills we participated in a “hazard hunt” where we formed teams and identified multiple hazards in a number of photos. Not only did we have fun, but it strongly reinforced that hazards may be lurking all around us.

We then got a bit more serious by reviewing the steps in our formal risk assessment process and understanding its benefits. The bottom line is as an organization, we do everything we can to reduce risks in the workplace but ultimately it is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone is in charge of identifying and eliminating risks.

And, of course, assessing risks and taking control is not a once a year exercise. As a matter of fact, training will be ongoing throughout the year, every year. For example, department representatives will soon meet to review safely changing a gas cylinder.

There’s a lot at stake for us, our co-workers, clients and families, so we’ve pledged to make safety a priority. We hope you do too.

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