From the founding of Galson Laboratories to joining SGS, we’ve worked hard at anticipating the needs of our clients. Positioning the right experts in place to meet your needs, while striving for innovation and simplicity has been a cornerstone of our culture. We do this is by adding methods for compounds that are of interest and importance to you. Most recently we added two new methods to our interactive Sampling and Analysis Guide(SAG):

·         Methyl Benzoate on 2um GFF by HPLC in-house method LC-SOP-61
·         Azodicarbonamide on 2um GFF by HPLC  in-house LC-SOP-60

We’ll continue to identify methods that will make your job easier and the workplace safer. Meanwhile, if you are faced with a difficult or non-routine compound to monitor, reach out to us. We can help! Now that we are SGS Galson, we are part of an expanded global network, where it’s possible a method for your specific compound already exists; and if not, we will use our resources to identify the best solution for you.

It’s not madness to think we can find that missing method for you. Just ask.

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