A new SGS Galson Service Center in Houston, TX has opened and is serving Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The new office provides IH professionals looking for precision, competitive pricing and industry-leading client service a regional office, adding additional convenience.

Clients in the five-state region join happy clients throughout the U.S. in experiencing SGS Galson’s value-added air sampling and analysis experience that includes the FreePumpLoan™ program that includes free media, FreeSamplingBadges™, the Personal Exposure VestTM – a revolutionary way for workers to wear monitoring equipment and Galson Hygiene Rental – the easy way to obtain hygiene health and safety equipment needed most on the job.

For more information or to order, contact SGS Galson’s award-winning Client Service Representatives at toll-free at (888) 432-5227, or visit, where you can chat in real time on your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone. And with the new IHLive Text feature, you can immediately connect by text at SGS Galson’s same toll-free number!

We’ll even send you a free gift for your time – just use the code ‘GetPumped-3’ when you call, e-mail or chat, or go to and enter it there.

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