SGS Galson will show why after more than 45 years they continue to be the innovator in the IH industry with their AIHce exhibit called “the Innovation EDGE” at Booth # 1605 in Seattle, June 4-7, 2017.

EDGE stands for Enhanced Data-Generation Engine and visitors will experience technological advancements that result in faster, more precise defensible data with more quality than ever before.From the beginning of your sampling program to the end, our implementation and development of technology eliminates errors that slow you down and cost you more,” said Joe Unangst SGS Galson vice president.

Among the new technological advancements being highlighted at the SGS Galson booth are:

  • Real Time Monitoring with Sample Initiation – Web-based real-time graphic field sampling system that produces immediate response to capture events
  • Fully Integrated Client Portal – The only fully-integrated online system in the industry from order to COC to invoice and reporting
  •  Media & Equipment Control System – An automated media station that tracks and manages expiration dates, keeps you organized and provides an endless media supply.
  • NIST Traceable Flow Recorder – Validates start, stop and volume on every sample
  • Special Super-Secret New Service Announcement – We’re launching something so awesome for our clients at AIHce we can’t mention it here and let our competitors know what we are up to now! Some have tried to copy what we have innovated in this industry we’re keeping it under wraps until the conference – YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!

Demonstrations of the EDGE technology (including the Super-Secret Service) will be ongoing at the SGS Galson booth. “Join us in our booth and have a seat while we demonstrate the SGS Galson EDGE. In 15 minutes you will see how proper implementation of technology with a focus on overall data integrity and quality can up the bar for all of us in the IH Industry. This is a must-see experience and sure to be a highlight at AIHce,” Unangst said.

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