When you needed quicker, real-time help from us, we offered you IHLive Chat. Ten years and thousands of live on-line chats later, SGS Galson is pleased to move to a new level of innovation with IHLive Text!

With IHLive Text, you can connect by text with our award-winning Client Service Team and immediately get the answers you need on sampling media, sampling techniques, other service and pricing questions including providing written quotations, and to order media, pumps and rental equipment.

There’s more! When you need troubleshooting help in the field or anywhere, with IHLive Text you can send images or even video for an immediate response from our IH technical experts. And no Wi-Fi is needed! (data rates may apply)

Just like our online chat function, IHLive Text is available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST. To contact SGS Galson using IHLive Text, simply text a message to our regular toll-free number, 888-432-5227. It’s easy, it’s immediate and it’s free!

Hoping to hear from you soon using IHLive Text, or by chat, calling toll-free 888-432-5227 or emailing

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