With recent upsurge in requests from homeowners for a formaldehyde home testing kit developed by SGS Galson, a world leader in industrial hygiene analysis and monitoring solutions, the company has released three instructional videos to help implement the testing.

In addition to a brief explanation of the formaldehyde issue, including health effects, symptoms of exposure and sources of the gas, the clips describe different formaldehyde home testing kit varieties, and contain both order and sampling instructions.

“The three short formaldehyde videos are intended to help homeowners determine if they need to test for the gas, what variety of our kit they would need to do so, and how to actually perform the testing,” said Joe Unangst, Vice President of Industrial Hygiene. “Essentially, we hope to make our clients’ lives a little bit easier with these visual guides.”

There is one video available for each of the three testing kit varieties, which are created to accommodate the homeowner’s sampling preference, and they are available at the following URLs:

Formaldehyde Home Test Kit 1

Formaldelhyde Home Test Kit 2

Formaldehyde Home Test Kit 3

Order the SGS Galson Formaldehyde Home Testing Kit at 888-432-5227 or learn more at

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