By Nicole Tormey

Mold sampling may see an increase in California due to a new law adding conditions to the definition of substandard housing. Senate Bill No. 655, which amends Sections 17920 and 17920.3 of the Health and Safety Code, adds mold as part of enforceable substandard conditions in California housing law.

Mold is now defined as “microscopic organisms or fungi that can grow in damp conditions in the interior of a building.” Health and code enforcement officers can now cite visible mold growth as a type of inadequate sanitation and thus substandard, as defined by the bill. Exceptions include minor mold and mold found on surfaces that can accumulate moisture as part of their proper and intended uses such as mold in a shower.

By expanding the definition of a mold crime, the bill imposes a state-mandated local program requiring that code enforcement officers be trained in mold inspection practices. These officers have the authority to address mold complaints and require that mold be removed and sources of the moisture be remediated.

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