On June 23, the new OSHA silica standard for general industry and maritime will start being enforced – and you will need to be ready.

We’re ready to serve you and meet all the new laboratory qualifications! 

Our new easy-to-use silica kits and renowned FreePumpLoan™ program provide exactly what you need to easily test your silica dust hazards. We also have the best TAT guarantee in the IH world – your analysis is done in 5 days or it’s free!

With SGS Galson, you’re worry free when it comes to capacity and support services needed to comply with the new silica rule. We recently added a new XRD to our lab, which will increase capacity by over 30 percent and added significant FreePumpLoan inventory as well. This means you will have what you need when you need it!

Most importantly, we are fully compliant with the new OSHA silica standard, which requires laboratories to:

  • Use specific methods
  • Be accredited to the ANS/ISO/IEC Standard
  • Use the most current National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Implement an internal quality control (QC) program
  • Identify interfering compounds
  • Analyze only after confirming that the sample matrix is free of uncorrectable analytical interferences
  • Correct for analytical interferences using proscribed methods

You can totally rely on one company, SGS Galson, to help you comply with the new OSHA silica rule. Contact me any time or our award-winning Client Service Representatives in a number of different ways:

  • Call toll-free at (888) 432-5227
  • Email at
  • Connect immediately with IHLive chat
  • Text in real-time at (888) 432-5227
  • Or connect by IHLive HelpCam in real time on your cellphone, tablet or desktop/laptop.

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