3M is discontinuing manufacture of its 3500 and 3520 for VOCs and 3551 for EtO passive badges and will now offer badges identical to the Assay Technology passive badges.

In 2014, SGS Galson successfully switched to Assay Technology badges for the same analysis and with over 130,000 analyses done to date, the results have been great. See a comparison study here showing that Assay Technology performs either equally or better than the 3M in most cases. The Assay Technology badges are the core to SGS Galson’s unique FreeSamplingBadges™ program where your badges are provided at no cost to you (including ground shipping), as long as those samples are returned to SGS Galson for analysis at our agreed fee. You will find this to be a real money saver!


With our FreeSamplingBadges program:

  • You’re assured of comparable historical data as Assay Technology badge performance meets or exceeds the performance of the previous 3M badge performance.
  • If you choose to use the 3M private label version, we are here for you as well.
  • You get a wider array of compounds able to be collected and analyzed.
  • You don’t pay for the badge when using SGS Galson for analysis.
  • Novel compounds can be validated through Assay Technology chemists for a fee.
  • You get the high quality and defensible data expected from the world leader in industrial hygiene analysis and monitoring solutions at a lower price.

NOTE: Some 3M badges are still in stock to QC samples but when they run out, we will not be able to offer QC for these samples.

Contact us today to discuss moving over to our FreeSamplingBadges™ program. We look forward to supporting you with confidence and cost savings. For your questions or to order, contact our award-winning Client Service Representatives:

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