As the deadline for ESSER funds approaches, now is the time to invest in a K-12 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Pilot Program to create a safer and healthier environment for students and faculty in schools. 

With discussions by the EPA, White House, and local governments focusing on minimizing health impacts from illnesses spreading in schools to wildfires, it’s clear that air quality significantly affects student health, their ability to focus and learn, and even school attendance. To address these concerns, SGS has partnered with Delos to offer a comprehensive solution for monitoring IAQ and making informed decisions to enhance the well-being of everyone in schools across North America. 

The goal of this pilot program is to provide schools with the tools needed to launch a district-specific indoor air quality program. We offer a wide array of sensors, will work within your remaining budgets, and will support you in utilizing the data to improve your school environment. The standard package will include the following and can be customized to fit your objectives: 

  1. IAQ Monitors: We provide 10 Wi-Fi enabled IAQ monitors that measure Temperature, Pressure, Relative Humidity, CO2, Particulate 2.5, and Particulate 10. These monitors come with tamper-proof casing to ensure accurate data collection. 
  2. Installation and Calibration: Our team handles onsite installation and calibration of the monitors and offers software support throughout the first year. 
  3. Data Visualization: Schools can access private and public dashboards to easily visualize data through tables, charts, graphs, or on a geospatial portal. Downloads and reports are also available. 
  4. Alerts: Receive real-time text and email alerts to stay informed about IAQ levels. 
  5. Expert Consultation: Benefit from up to one hour of monthly consultation with Delos Labs for data interpretation and WELL certification guidance. 

By utilizing any remaining ESSER funds for this pilot program, schools can take a significant step towards improving indoor air quality, enhancing health and learning environments for students and faculty.  

For more information, please reach out directly to SGS at 888.432.LABS (5227),, or use our IH Live chat for a response in 30 seconds at Contact | SGS Galson (Available from 8AM-8PM EST). 

We’re here to help you create better school environments across North America and worldwide.  

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