SGS Galson Laboratories Provides Formaldehyde Home Testing Kit

Homeowners can accurately determine exposure levels

EAST SYRACUSE, NY – (March 11, 2015) – The recent 60 Minutes segment ( and New York Times article ( on high levels of formaldehyde being released from wood laminate flooring has many people looking for answers.

With formaldehyde’s classification as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, SGS Galson Laboratories, a world leader in industrial hygiene analysis and monitoring solutions, is offering a simple kit to test formaldehyde levels in homes.

“Our easy-to-use kit allows homeowners to test if the air quality in their home contains elevated levels of formaldehyde,” said Joe Unangst, Vice President of Industrial Hygiene. For as low as $99 you can readily determine if the levels are safe or if you need to call in an indoor air quality expert to assist.” Simple instructions are included with the kit and the turn-around time for results is three days or less.

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas that is added to, or integrated into, many household products and is known to cause adverse health effects. Health organizations such as OSHA, EPA, ACGIH, and various state agencies have imposed or suggested airborne limits on the amount of formaldehyde a person should be exposed to.

Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible. These adverse effects are due largely to formaldehyde’s ability to irritate the mucus membranes, such as the eyes, nose, and lungs. Symptoms of exposure to formaldehyde include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, reduced or impaired pulmonary function, irritation of the eyes, and a runny nose or nose bleeds.

Formaldehyde in the home can come from many sources including wood flooring, carpeting, drapes, furniture, foam insulation, molded plastic, cigarette smoke, cardboard and paper products. There are two kits available, one to help determine the level in the home and the other to compare the difference between rooms where laminate flooring exists and rooms where it does not. The kits will not provide absolute proof of the source of the formaldehyde if it is present, but it will let you know if it is or isn’t present above the recommended levels.

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