As an ongoing effort to provide our clients with the best options for silica monitoring, we have obtained a 50% reduction on the limit of quantitation (LOQ) for Cristobalite analysis; lowering the LOQ from 10ug to 5ug per filter by XRD. Cristobalite’s new LOQ now matches the lower LOQ we had achieved in March of 2014 for Crystalline Silica Quartz.

The reduction in the LOQ for Crystalline Silica Cristobalite allows you to obtain lower detection limits in the air you are sampling. It may also allow you to sample for shorter periods of time and still meet the current and evolving OSHA PEL and other Standards. Your Crystalline Silica Quartz and Cristobalite LOQ’s will be the same allowing for a reduced total Crystalline Silica reporting limit.

Our Quality Assurance team verifies each step of any modified or new process to validate sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability. The implementation of new PANalytical software for enhanced background correction and the addition of analytical standards to the calibration curve in the range of the new LOQ resulted in our ability to lower the limit. Our quality standards demonstrate that the new process is able to return the correct measurements on spiked samples within tight control limits. We’re determined to assist our clients in obtaining the highest quality data possible for the protection of workers in accordance with the associated method of analyses.

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