The datalogging QUESTemp° 36 is a premier monitor that simplifies heat stress management efforts by providing users with real-time guidance on stay times and work/rest regimens. It eliminates the need to carry paper charts, pocket guides and look-up tables into the field by measuring Dry Bulb Temp., Wet Bulb Temp., Globe Temp., and relative Humidity. Optional Air Velocity Probe is available upon request.

DMS software may not be compatible when using on tablets.There is an additional charge for SGS Galson to download your data which is $50 for up to 5 units, $100 for 6-10 units and $150 for 11-15 units.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe. 

One Day: $60.00

One Week: $180.00

One Month: $585.00


Return Date: