The Hogan ergoFET Hand-Held Push/Pull wireless Force Guage measures push and pull forces from multiple directions simultaneously. Load capaicity to to 300 pounds and measuring accuracy within 1%. FET data collection software automatically tracks and analyzes test data.

Dimensions: 4” x 1¾”. Selectable units of measure (Pounds, Newtons, KGF). Two threshold settings (Low- 0.8 lbs. measuring in 0.2 lbs. increments, High- 3 lbs. measuring in 0.2 lbs. increments). Self-activating sleep mode to extend battery life.

There is an additional charge for SGS Galson to download your data which is $50 for up to 5 like units, $100 for 6-10 like units and $150 for 11-15 like units.

This instrument is NOT rated as intrinsically safe.

One Day: $45.00

One Week: $125.00

One Month: $300.00


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