Getting the Most from SGS Galson’s information management system

SGS Galson has an extensive lab information management system in place to insure accuracy, quality control, and customer satisfaction. Many of these services are industry innovations and we are always adding more.

Behind-the-Scenes Electronics

Our labouratory information management system (LIMS) is the most technologically advanced database and data collection system in the industry. All relevant account, sampling and analytical data are entered or collected within the system to allow automated calculation of all your analytical data. Data flow through our secure system allows paperless calculations, data transfers and supervisory approval, providing a higher quality product for you. Our data flow system makes us moving us towards a paperless labouratory.

The LIMS computer systems are also used to monitor quality control, to archive information, to track customer communications, to inventory and track sampling equipment, to track chemical storage and sample disposal, and to monitor training records to name a few.

CS Menu (our customer service software) allows our customer service representative to view all previous communications with you and to access your report on their screen when you call, so we can provide the best and fastest service.

How Would You Like Your Report Delivered?

While you will always get your report on time from us, you have several choices of report format that you receive.We can email it to you in a PDF format, fax it to you, use snail mail or all of the above.You just need to specify how you would like the report sent and to whom. You can even have the report sent to multiple emails, faxes or snail-mail addresses.

The PDF file and facsimile are files that are generated by the LIMS from the same data tables that create the final hardcopy report. The email addresses and facsimile phone numbers are keyed into our database and allow us to automatically send the files with the touch of a button. Specify the combination of deliveries to us on the chain of custody or we’ll use the default setting from when we set up your account.

Our Lab Information management system can email your invoice.

You may also want to consider what electronic file format for your data is best for you once you receive your report.You can select the option of an electronic data deliverable (EDD) for easier database transfer and manipulation. These files are generated directly from the same data tables that create your final report within our LIMS and are available as a CSV file that can be loaded into Excel or other database programs. These files need to be defined with a “comma separation value”. These files are emailed to you on the same day the report is finalized. Contact your client services representative for more information on EDDs.

A Variety of Services Available on the Web

Go to to be able to:

  • Access our Sampling and Analysis Guide with links to the OSHA and NIOSH sites for full PDF files of every available method. This gives you all the sampling and analytical information you need at your fingertips. The online Sampling and Analysis Guide can be tailored to your specific needs and includes pricing to allow you to price the service you need.
  • Download a PDF file of our chain of custody form.
  • Get your questions answered by chatting with a SGS Galson customer service representative through our ‘IH-Live’ chat area from 8 AM to 8 PM EDT.
  • Find out more about our people and services that may be useful to you.
NotiFive™ Electronic Notification System

NotiFive is an electronic notification (facsimile or email) of your media order and sample submission status. When you order media you will receive an electronic report of the date your media is shipped, the materials we shipped to you, the method we used to ship it, the expected delivery date and the tracking number of the package.This gives you the assurance that your media is on the way and allows you to track its delivery on the carrier’s website. When you send your samples back to us, we will notify you through the same process of their arrival, the analyses we signed them in for, the pertinent field data we entered from your chain of custody and your ‘guaranteed or free’ date you will receive your report. All of the information you receive is from the same database that will generate your final report – it is totally integrated with our LIMS.

The NotiFive service is easily activated with an email address or fax number form,along with your permission. It can be turned off or the address changed just as easily, for your convenience. Call your customer service representative today if you would like to receive the NotiFive service.

We’re Paperless

We are scanning chain of custody forms and other pertinent information into our lab information management system and combining it with your final report to provide a complete paperless package for you. The combined pdf file will give you all of the original information in electronic form to allow you to keep complete files without using file drawers. Of course,we will be providing both the electronic format of all the original paperwork as well as the appropriate hardcopy if requested.

What do You Want from Us?

For more information on any of the information management system services we provide, contact as SGS Galson client service representative at (888) 432-5227, and we’ll find a solution for you.