Where to Go Next on IAQ

The Fed is Moving on IAQ and SGS is the Best Direction to Move In

By Ed Stuber CIH, ROH, FAIHA

Last November my colleague Ron McMahan blogged about the Federal government finally recognizing the impact that indoor air quality has on everyone’s better being. 2022 brought us an EPA Clean Buildings Challenge and a White House Summit on Improving Indoor Air Quality. So where do we go from here?

In an article titled, Leading Coordinated Federal Action on Indoor Air Quality, Jason Hartke, executive vice president, International WELL Building Institute, interviewed White House Advisor Natalie Kopp, a member of President Biden’s COVID-19 Response Team, about the importance of focusing on IAQ. Kopp said that with most of us spending more than 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality significantly affects our health. Interestingly, not only can clean indoor air prevent spreading airborne pathogens such as flu, RSV and measles, it is “also associated with higher reading and math scores for students, fewer sick days for employees, and higher cognitive function.”

Kopp says since last year, there is progress raising awareness of the high cost of poor indoor air quality and the benefits of clean air, hopefully leading to pathogen based IAQ standards inside and outside the Federal government. Also, she says, departments and agencies across the Federal government have been mobilized to improve indoor air quality in their own buildings and some states have started putting IAQ legislation forward.

This growing awareness and emphasis on indoor air quality and healthy buildings is a growth opportunity for industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety consultants whose success depends in great part on getting the best services at the best prices. While many of you are familiar with the broad scope of IAQ offerings from SGS, it’s worth repeating that no company does better or more.

For school districts, manufacturers, construction companies, contractors, real estate/building management, the insurance industry, homeowners and more, we help you find the best solution and provide the solution. This includes:

  • All media to collect lab air samples
  • Pumps and accessories to collect air samples
  • IAQ rental instruments
  • Single compiled result reports both for direct reading instruments and lab analysis
  • Industry-leading results in 5 days
  • High-tech SmartSense continuous monitoring
  • LEED and WELL test kits and certification services
  • Wildfire evaluations
  • And more

We’re ready to help you grow your IAQ business and provide the best services to your clients. You can contact me, your SGS representative or our award-winning service representatives any time with your questions or to order.

We are SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company.

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