SGS SmartSampler


The SGS SmartSampler can be added to any SmartSense system to capture validation samples for laboratory analysis.

Sampling is initiated automatically, based on data-driven air quality events (e.g. above threshold concentrations), or it can be triggered remotely by an engineer.


  • SGS SmartSampler can be configured to:
    – Collect an instantaneous air sample with a Summa Canister
    – Initiate a pump system to collect a time-delineated sample
  • Trigger levels can be defined for multiple parameters and can be duration weighted – e.g. trigger a sample when the concentration exceeds 1000 ppm for 30 minutes
  • Samples can be initiated:
    – Automatically based on pre-defined trigger criteria
    – After client authorisation – the system sends an e-mail to the client when exceedance criteria are met, client logs into dashboard, reviews live data and can then remotely trigger the sample collection
  • Samples can be retrieved by a local technician, with the replacement of new sampling media, and the samples are dispatched to an SGS laboratory under a standard CoC