SMART SENSE - Build Your Own

Build Your Own Smart Sense™

Smart Sense™ Continuous Monitoring and Sampling Initiation System

For Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), fenceline and other monitoring situations – even in harsh environments — that require that you’re ready to perform monitoring when the time is right,  Smart Sense, allows you to get the job done remotely from wherever you are in the world. SGS Galson’s Smart Sense, the only sampling initiation system available in the IH industry, tracks key parameters including VOCs, particle concentrations, O3, NO2, temperature, pressure and humidity and other contaminants with available sensors.

It is easy to install, connecting automatically to our web platform where many services are available that get you instant data, air quality profiles, downloads, warnings and reports.

This web-based real-time graphic field sampling system produces immediate response to capture events. It comes complete with an all-in-one multi-parameter monitor and produces ongoing quality monitoring data simply, accurately and affordably. It can remotely or automatically based on pre-set triggering concentrations, actuate switches that control sampling pumps, whole air solenoid valves and other electrical devices.

Smart Sense real-time monitoring and sample initiation from SGS Galson is your next-step innovation that gets you your results whenever you need them from wherever you are.

Join SGS Galson’s smart revolution. To learn more or schedule a demonstration of the Smart Sense Real-Time Monitoring and Sampling Initiation System and/or the Smart Media Inventory System, contact our award-winning Client Service Representatives toll-free at (888) 432-5227, or chat, or connect by IHLive HelpCam in real time on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop/desktop. And with IHLive Text, you can immediately connect by text at our same toll-free number.