Sampling & Analysis

Trichlorobenzene / CAS# 120-82-1

NOTE: All prices include media and free pump loan, unless otherwise noted, and excluding passive sampling badges. See Media Fee Schedule.
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1,2,4- Trichlorobenzene FEE PER SAMPLE: $143.00 COMPATIBLE ANALYTES: METHOD: mod. OSHA PV2120/mod. EPA TO15; GC/MS
Canisters are to be used for ppb range only. No soil, gas, vapor, or source sampling. Samples should be analyzed within 30 days of collection. Price is US$143 for 1-3 compounds, US$195 for 4-6 compounds. Price includes a pre-cleaned can and regulator use. When using SGS Galson cans, this analysis is not available for discount. Any cans returned, unused, will be subject to a US$25 per can and a US$25 per regulator cleaning fee. Individual can certification is available, upon request, for an additional fee of US$75 per can.
ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUE:GC/MS COLLECTION MEDIUM:Summa Canister ORDER NUMBER:Not Specified VOL. / TIME / AREA / MASS:6 L SAMPLING RATE:24 hr.-1 week integrated composite LOQ:0.16 ppbv

Sampling & Analysis