Quality Assurance

Unsurpassed Quality Assurance Delivers Defensible Data

SGS Galson gives you the processes, expertise and attention to detail to assure your analysis is performed with the highest quality. To provide you the most consistent, timely and accurate results, SGS Galson operates within the principles of continuous quality improvement (CIP). This means any error is investigated to determine the root cause, followed by a systematic corrective action approach to implement the best identified solution to eliminate a recurrence. You directly benefit from nearly 50 years of your testing laboratory’s improvements when working with SGS Galson.

You can be confident that we meet or exceed stringent QA requirements of:

  • The ISO/IEC 17025 International Standard General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.
  • The American Industrial Hygiene Association – Laboratory Accreditation Program (AIHA-LAP, SGS Galson Lab ID 100324) to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard which offers international recognition. It covers data validity and technical competence, and it uses external experts to assess the ability of the laboratory to meet stringent quality management system criteria.

Find additional SGS Galson accreditation information including accredited fields of testing and proficiency testing results here.

As you see here, your quality is assured at SGS Galson because at every turn, quality is at our core:

Continuous Quality Improvement Process

Since 1989, SGS Galson has had a relentless focus on improving every process within the laboratory to reduce errors and improve the service provided to our clients. Every employee has been thoroughly trained in the theory and application of the continuous improvement process. New hires are trained within the first two weeks of employment and immediately incorporated into weekly CIP meetings. In these meetings, problem solving steps are taken to find solutions to any corrective actions or near misses as well as reviewing periodically every process to make them more effective for the good of our clients.

Feedback and suggestions from over 100 returned surveys a month provide the basis for quality improvements and innovations that have set our service at a level unmatched in our industry and we dare to say in any industry.


With your needs in mind, SGS Galson documents specific qualifications necessary for every position in the laboratory. All lab staff participates in formal training and must pass a regularly scheduled “Demonstration of Capability” to continue performing analyses. We require yearly data-integrity training, as well as root-cause and continuous improvement process training for all employees.


SGS Galson maintains a modern, 45,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility with over 21,000 square feet devoted to the laboratories.


We go beyond just using validated methods. All modifications to published methods are documented and technically validated in our laboratory, assuring you consistent and reliable results. We demonstrate traceability of measurement using calibrated instruments and equipment, and certified reference materials.

Statistical Accuracy

We provide a statistical accuracy statement for all applicable analyses, ensuring that you are aware of both the precision and possible bias of your results to help you make critical, defensible decisions with your data.

Monitoring Performance

We use in-house statistical control limits, which are tighter than default limits, unless otherwise promulgated by a specific method.  Our comprehensive system of automated trend warnings, corrective action plans, and preventive action plans to eliminate or reduce any potential causes of non-conformances that we find, assure the quality results you require.

You can rely on SGS Galson for the utmost in quality assurance. If you have questions on our services or want to order, please call our award-winning Client Service Representatives at (888) 432-5227, e-mail mail@galsonlabs.com, or visit www.sgsgalson.com and chat in real time on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.