By Joe Unangst

Being part of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has its priviledges.While we at SGS Galson Laboratories are able to answer the vast majority of your questions, occasionally we receive an inquiry of an extraordinarily complex nature that requires outside assistance. But these days, we don’t need to go “outside”, we can keep it in the SGS family.

Located in Antwerp, Belgium, the SGS Institute of Applied Chromatography (IAC) is a high-tech analytical laboratory with very special testing capabilities. SGS IAC prides itself on being problem solvers and can develop methods for unusual compounds or substances.With SGS IAC’s advanced and innovative inventory of instrumentation, food, animal feed, electronic devices, chemicals, environmental pollutants and more, are all areas within its range of expertise.

The SGS Institute of Applied Chromatography’s methods include low-level metals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products analyses, as well as environmental forensics on oil spills, comprehensive gas chromatography, detection of fraudulent additions in food samples and much more. Using the SGS-developed tool Multitrace, SGSIAC additionally detects contaminants contained in soil and groundwater samples, comprising metals, volatile, semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds, pesticides and various organic compounds. Previous work includes the successful assessment of environmental contamination for the largest oil/gas pre-treatment plant in Europe.    SGS IAC’s extensive experience solving diversified analytical challenges makes them an invaluable partner for us. They also serve as an example of the mutually beneficial relationships within the extensive global SGS network, creating added value for our clients.

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