SGS Companies Mobilize in Aftermath of Louisiana Floods: Air and Water Testing is Crucial to Victims’ Health and Safety

SGS Galson and SGS Accutest have mobilized to provide extra support for flood victims and professionals that are aiding them. To this end, the two companies have expanded LELAP-accredited mold, asbestos and lead analysis to help those affected.

An SGS command center has been established at the Baton Rouge Service Center, 17485 Opportunity Avenue, to efficiently deliver the services needed. These services include analysis of air, water and soil samples to determine toxicity from mold, asbestos, hydrocarbons, pesticide, fecal and total coliform bacteria and literally thousands of other substances that can threaten the health and safety of flood victims and emergency workers.

SGS Galson and SGS Accutest have proven track records in major natural disasters having provided services after 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, the BP oil spill, Hurricane Katrina and many other disaster sites where readiness and responsiveness were crucial.

“In these unfortunate situations, time is always of the essence,” Joe Unangst, vice president, SGS Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) North America, said.  “We’ve staffed up so we can provide same day results, we’re available to pick up samples in many situations and have a one-stop drop off point that helps speed up the process. Additionally, our sophisticated electronic data delivery systems keep our clients connected to their data, wherever they are.”

According to Unangst, the Louisiana flood disaster has hit home, as many area SGS employees are flood victims themselves. “We’re grateful to say that all employees have been reached and are safe, however they will now have the difficult challenge to begin rebuilding their lives,” he said. “SGS employees have mobilized to help their colleagues and others who have been affected by the storms. I am very proud how the team pulled together in this time of need.”

For more information about SGS Galson and SGS Accutest’s enhanced services for Louisiana flood victims call 888-432-LABS (5227), use IHLive, our chat line you can access on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, or email

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