Important Update: Revised Turnaround Time for Microbial Screen

We are writing to inform you about a recent update in our laboratory’s Turnaround Time (TAT) policy for basic mold screens in our Syracuse microbiology laboratory.

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance our services and maintain consistency, we have updated the TAT for mold screens to 5 business days, effective from September 5, 2023. This revision aligns with our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable results while streamlining processes.

Additionally, we have updated our policy regarding split-due-date logins. For split due-date logins, unless otherwise requested, results will be provided once all analysis is complete. Please refer to Policies & QA Reference | SGS Galson for additional information regarding our turn-around policies.

We understand the importance of timely results for your projects and assure you that this adjustment will not compromise the quality of our analyses. Our skilled team of microbiologists will continue to maintain the highest standards and accuracy in all testing processes.

If you have any projects currently in progress or are planning to submit samples for microbial screens around the September 5, 2023, we kindly request you consider the updated TAT in your scheduling.

We value your continued partnership and trust in our services. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Caroline Crain
Industries & Environment
Client Services Manager

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