Hurricanes continue to lash the southern coastal states, often leaving devasting damages to commercial and residential buildings in their wake. As you go through phases of rebuilding and replacing, we are your partner. SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. We have been through many hurricanes before and we will see relief on the other side, together.

SGS has proven experience after numerous environmental crises. In the 2005 aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we developed a specialized plan providing analytical services to those impacted. Our experts partnered with key environmental consultants, building specific analytical testing plans for fast turnaround time non-viable air and non-viable mold samples. In addition, our full range of air sampling, analytical services and equipment allowed us to provide those affected with expertise pertaining to other hazardous materials encountered during the abatement and rebuilding phase. Since then, we have not only expanded and grown but modernized our service offerings to ensure we reach your local community.

Our network of experts and laboratories across North America, and specifically in the Gulf Coast, understand the impacts an environmental crisis of this scale can have on the safety of building occupants’ health. We offer an extensive range of services to navigate your buildings back to safety.

Mold & Fungal Services

With decades of experience and defensible results, our mold analysis services focus on quality, data integrity and client service, protecting all involved parties and providing peace-of-mind. Our microbiologists are highly skilled at analyzing viable and non-viable mold samples, assessing a variety of sample matrices, and providing detailed reports on fungal identification to a species level with traditional microbiological, as well as quantitative real-time PCR, methods. Read more.

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As always, we can help you find the most cost-effective monitoring solution that meets your specific need.

Additional SGS Services

  • Asbestos Analysis – testing asbestos in air, water, building materials, soil/rock, settled dust or attic vermiculite for the built environment
  • Remote, real-time Air Quality Monitoring – Monitors VOCs, CO, temperature, pressure, humidity, and other contaminants from anywhere in the world with innovative cloud remote sensor monitoring
  • Heavy Metals – accredited analysis combines experience and high-tech instrumentation to provide understandable, accurate, legally defensible data
  • Equipment Rental – Full spectrum of OHS equipment preset and with free return shipping

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We’re ready to help with your mold analysis and all your testing needs. Contact our award-winning Client Service Representatives to discuss how we can help you with your hurricane recovery efforts in many ways:

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