The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) has issued a toxicological profile of ethylene oxide (EtO), a flammable gas used to make the chemical ethylene glycol, which in turn is used to make antifreeze and polyester. Confirmed by this detailed profile is that EtO exposure is linked to many health conditions, including cancer.

SGS Galson provides industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety professionals unsurpassed analytical services that help keep workers and the public safe from EtO exposure. Based on client requests, SGS Galson developed a procedure to analyze EtO samples using evacuated canisters at the extremely low levels required for ambient air analysis. The company provides a way to neutralize trans-butene interference to make ultra-low detection of EtO possible and accurate down to 0.040 ppbv. Canisters are provided at no cost as well as passive samplers and a pump and tube method, under its FreePumpLoan program.

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