The times for acetic acid sampling are “a-changin”!  We recently updated the LOQ on the Assay N543 badge for Acetic Acid from 5 ug to 3 ug, and as a result, we can now report below the 15 ppm ACGIH TLV STEL for passive badge samples collected over a 15-minute period. For our clients, the improvement means increased flexibility and convenience, as you can now choose either active or passive STEL sampling for acetic acid, and accordingly, no longer are limited to using a sampling pump.

At SGS Galson Laboratories, our Quality Assurance team verifies each step of the method development and verification to validate sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability. A study has therefore been done to verify the new, lower LOQ and ensure the highest quality data possible for the protection of workers.

We’re conducting acetic acid analysis by IC using a modified method OSHA ID-186SG. The Assay N543 badge is available through our FreeSamplingBadges(TM)program. In this way clients can create a tailored acetic acid sampling package, and with the online IH Live Chat, you can do it directly from your phone. Welcome to a new world of acetic acid sampling!

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