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LEED Indoor Air Quality, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), is one component of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), provides a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction

In this facet, credits are earned by conducting tests on indoor air Quality to show that contaminant levels do not exceed the levels noted.

Galson has created a LEED indoor air quality testing kit that includes everything needed to conduct the IEQ air testing for LEED credit. Call client services toll-free at (888) 432-5227, click on the “IH Live Online Chat” icon or the “Push to Talk” icon to find out more and get a quote!

Please review our “Quick Links” for more information on LEED. Or if you have a specific question, feel free to post it below and we’ll answer you directly as soon as we can.

The video in the Related Links provides LEED indoor air quality requirements for the LEED 2009 IEQ 3.9 building standard.

LEED IEQ Credit 3.2 Information Video

This video provides details of air testing requirements of the LEED 2009 IEQ Credit 3.2, building standard. It applies to the New Construction, Schools and Commercial Interiors rating systems. After viewing this informational video, please view our “LEED Kit Sampling” video and see how easily you can earn your IEQ Credit.

LEED Sampling Kit

See how simply you can earn your credit by viewing this video on the use of our original LEED Sampling Kit. We have integrated active and realtime sampling in one simple kit that meets all USGBC criteria.

Is shipping included in the kit price?

If it is shipped within the continental United States, next-day shipping, both to your location and back to SGS Galson, is included in the price.

Can I reuse the kits for different zones? How will this affect the price of the kits?

Yes, you can reuse the kits in different zones and doing this will reduce the overall cost of using the SGS Galson LEED kit.

What does it cost per unit for LEED sampling?

Please contact client services to receive a customized quote as the unit fees vary depending upon a number of factors which includes the number of samples to be collected, the number of kits needed, the number of days that sampling would be completed in, whether 4-PCH sampling would be included, what the desired turnaround time would be for receiving your results. (Standard is 5 days)

Do I have to get everything in the kit?

No, you may opt out of the following: 4-PCH, particulate monitor, and CO monitor.

Do I need to download the data from the particulate and CO monitors?

No, SGS Galson will download this data for you and include it in the final report with the analytical results.

How many samples do I need to take?

For each portion of the building served by a separate ventilation system, the number of sampling points should not be less than one per 25,000 square feet, or for each contiguous floor area, whichever is larger, and include areas with the least ventilation and greatest presumed source strength.

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