Improving Tracking and Inventory Levels on Key Programs, Ensures Clients Get What’s Needed, When Needed

SGS Galson Inventory/Logistics Manager, Gale Peterson confidently points clients to SGS’s groundbreaking and innovative programs like FreePumpLoan™ and Equipment Rental. These are programs which have made it easy for clients to get their most important work done and achieve the best results. Now, SGS is on a mission to ensure these innovative services continue to evolve.

For more than 25 years, the FreePumpLoan program, has provided everything required to sample while SGS performs the laboratory analyses. Additionally, Equipment Rentals come with equipment settings preset for the specific project, free return shipping label (Continental US only), and 24/7/365 access to expert technicians.

SGS client, Marcie Bonvillain of W.R. Grace, finds significant benefit in the Equipment Rental program and the service she receives. “The FreePumpLoan program has streamlined my job. Continue providing the equipment and service, you are doing a great job,” she said.

“As many of our clients’ sampling schedules fluctuate frequently,” Peterson says, “we need to be agile enough in our inventory, so clients always have what they need, when they need it. Once a client receives and opens our FreePumpLoan or equipment rental package they can literally be sampling within one minute!”

For orders or questions on FreePumpLoan or the Equipment Rental programs, contact SGS’s award-winning Client Service Representatives:


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