The SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor is a rugged, lightweight, belt mounted laser photometer, weighing as little as 16 oz. It is compact and quiet, minimizing interference and worker discomfort. The built-in sampling pump lets you attach a wide variety of size-selective inlet conditioners for worker breathing zone or area measurements with a respirable cyclone or one of the three integrated impactors.

Note: This instrument should not be used for sampling Total or Inhalable Dust. Particle size range that can be sampled is 0.1 to 10um. Impactor sizes = 1.0um, 2.5um, 10um, and a blank impactor. With blank impactor installed, the instrument can still only measure articles up to 10um. The blank impactor should be used with the cyclone for 4um cut-off.

There is an additional charge for SGS Galson to download your data which is $50 for up to 5 units, $100 for 6-10 units and $150 for 11-15 units.

Note: SGS Galson has several different models in inventory and the one you receive may or may not reflect the spec sheet shown here. If you require a specific model please contact client services at 1-888-432-5227.

This instrument is rated as intrinsically safe, unless used with alkaline batteries. If an intrinsically safe instrument is needed, you must request a rechargeable battery when ordering.

One Day: $235.00

One Week: $805.00

One Month: $2575.00


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