EPA 325B Sampling Kit

Innovative Sampling Systems from SGS Galson

New Fenceline Monitoring Kit Makes it Easy for You and Saves You Money!


At SGS Galson, it’s not enough to do it the way it’s always been done. We start with the question, how can we make it better for YOU?  Our new EPA 325B Fence Line Monitoring Kit is absolutely an industry innovation! It’s designed with your needs in mind, and goes above and beyond what is available on the market today.

In every way, our EPA 325B testing kit surpasses the competition in these important ways:

SHIPPING COST SAVINGSsmaller, lighter carry case

  • The only one on the market that meets EPA 325B standards for shipping sampling tubes to and from the field
  • Keeps your shipping costs lower, saving significant dollars for the many tubes you need to ship every two weeks

EASE OF USE – carry case bundles everything you need

  • The compact-designed shelter comes with the kit so no need to purchase separately
  • A pre-paid return shipping label is included on shipping container
  • TD tube holder includes custom-designed wrenches
  • Pre-populated Chain of Custody, saves time — just add sampling time, ambient temperature and barometric pressure
  • Makes invoicing simpler

PRECISION DESIGN – from AIHA- and ISO/IEC 17025-accredited SGS Galson

  • Custom-designed wrench eliminates over-tightening (per method) and voided samples
  • Rigid metal tube holder (per method) assures no worries of cross contamination

Additionally, and as always, SGS Galson guarantees your results in 5 business days (compared to competitors’ 10 days) or your testing is free!

With our new innovative EPA 325B Fence Line Monitoring Kit, simplicity of use and cost saving are assured.  If you have questions on our services or want to order, please call our award-winning Client Service Representatives at (888) 432-5227, e-mail mail@galsonlabs.com, or visit www.sgsgalson.com and chat in real time on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.