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Data Deliverables

Obtain Accurate and Easily Accessible Data Deliverables from SGS Galson in the Format That’s Best for You

Getting high-quality reporting easily and in the format that best fits your needs is a must for industrial hygiene professionals like yourself. SGS Galson, the world leader in industrial hygiene analysis and monitoring solutions, provides a wide array of precise report format options and the user-friendly portal to back it up, cost effectively, to assure you get your job done right and help keep your clients healthy and safe.


Three BIG Ways SGS Galson Data Deliverables Keep You On Track

    1. A variety of helpful DATA PACKAGES that conform to federal and state regulations include a QC Summary Package (Level II) and a Full Data Package (Level IV). The QC package includes QC standard recoveries and surrogate recoveries (where appropriate). The full data package includes the QC package plus sample analysis raw data, instrument calibration data, an analysis summary/narrative, internal traceability/preparation documentation for standards and samples, and canister cleaning information (if applicable).
    2. For easier database transfer and manipulation, ELECTRONIC DATA DELIVERABLES (EDD) are available in the electronic format you need to import into your database, whether it’s developed in-house or is third-party software. These files are generated directly from the same data tables that create your final report within our LIMS in a format that can be loaded into Excel or other database programs.”
    3. Our ONLINE CLIENT PORTAL provides paperless access from the time a sample is submitted, all the way to the final report. You can create and finalize a pre-populated online Chain of Custody (COC), check the status of your sample/ analysis, download final reports or EDDs, check on invoices and much more.

Why SGS?

SGS Galson has a 60-year reputation of delivering precise, defensible data and we are 100% committed to providing easy access to the data deliverables you need to help your clients. Contact our award-winning Client Service team with your questions on data deliverable or to order:

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